Big Guys Part 1 of 4 – The Wild Ones

Big Guys: typically dudes with Strength 5 and some negative Special Skill. Are they worth it? This article series will explore the many different facets of the Big Guys in Blood Bowl.  In part 1 of this 4-part series will cover the ones who have the “Wild Animal” Negative Trait: the Minotaur, the Snow Troll, and the Rat Ogre (in no specific order). Be reminded, these tactics are subject to change with the new rules and rosters being released from Games Workshop.

The Minotaur

-Starting Skills: Loner, Wild Animal, Frenzy, Horns, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull
-Rosters: Chaos, Chaos Dwarves, and Chaos Pact
These guys are bull-headed (ba-da-bump), devastating and hard to control. They are also pretty expensive, clocking in at 150k of TV. Gross. The Minotaur is also only available to Chaos teams which means these guys are open to some Mutation skills; that’s nice. Starting with Horns and being a ‘Wild Animal,’ this guy is there to be nasty blitzer. With the Blitz action, he will Block with Strength 6. Add an assist to his block and now its Strength 7. That means he’s blitzing with a three-dice block. This means he can easily overcome his biggest weakness: no Block skill. This is no guarantee, obviously as the Chaos Gods are fickle and Nuffle hates you. But in general, it’s pretty safe.
How do you play him? Well for starters, I never start him on the line. He exists as a blitzer, play him as such. Start him back a few squares off the line. Use your Warriors, CDwarf Blockers, or Marauders for the front line sacrifice… I mean,  ‘positions.’  Use him to clear the way for your cages because it takes minimal effort to accomplish. Just must sure you have a back-up plan in case you call that blitz and then roll the ‘1’ for the Wild Animal. I would almost never suggest him in a starting build, let some of his support pieces get some needed skills: Dodge, Guard, Block, before you spend the 150k.


Normal: Juggernaut, Break Tackle, Guard
Mutations: Claw, Tentacles, Prehensile Tail

Doubles: Block, Pro, Dodge, Tackle


The Rat Ogre

-Starting Skills: Loner, Wild Animal, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Mighty Blow
-Rosters: Skaven

This may actually be one of my favorite Big Guys. I am not a Skaven player at heart, but my teams generally get one eventually. Again, I almost never start with one on a starting roster, because I want 4 gutter runners. But I have tried starting rosters with him to some fun effect. He functions just like a Minotaur as he becomes my blitzer to open holes for my gutter runner. Sometimes that is all the Movement 9 gutter runners need to make a break for the end zone.  Starting him on the line is only asking for him to roll ‘Both Down’ results and end the drive quickly. Or your opponent will simply crack his measly 8 armor and KO him (or worse).  He also hangs out on the edge of cages, not as a post for the cage. Anyone dumb enough to try to break my cage will eat a devastating blitz from this guy, saving my dodge rolls for later. Speed 6 on this dude is awesome getting where he needs to go; again a good blitzer. The hardest decision for this guy will be what to give him on your first doubles roll: Block or Horns?

Normal: Juggernaut, Break Tackle, Guard
Doubles: Block or Horns, Block or Horns, Tentacles, Dodge, Pro


The Snow Troll (Yeti, Abominable Snow Man, Wendigo, etc.)


-Starting Skills: Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Frenzy, Disturbing Presence
-Rosters: Norse

Finishing our article with a Wild Animal of a different color, we have the Snow Troll. From hence forth, I will call him a Yeti. Yetis clock in at 140k, slightly cheaper than our previous two.  And he also fulfills a very different role than the other two, as well. I’ve covered how the Minotaur and the Rat Ogre are very good blitzers, staying back and making the right blitz at the right time. This guy is different. Put him on the line. Disturbing Presence alone is a good indication of why. Also, he’s got armor 8; a luxury in the Norse roster. Norse win by winning the numbers game. All of their main dudes starting with Block means they can fearlessly throw blocks with too much to fear, that means most of your re-rolls will be spent on picking up the ball and the occasional ‘Double skull.’ So a lot of the time if you can set up the correct order of blocks, this guy will get a chance to advance forward into your opponent lines and set up shop by injuring people. By not being your dedicated blitzer, you should be able to push desirable targets next to him (all the frenzy), and blitz undesirable blocks off of him. I also don’t recommend starting with this guy until you understand the way Norse play which is not as easy as it sounds. Learning to control your Frenzy and not getting into bad situations with that armor 7 will be part of the challenge to learinging to play them, and the Yeti can only hinder that growth. However, if you like a challenge or are a seasoned Norse player – go for it.
Normal: Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm, Break Tackle

Doubles: Block, Pro, Dodge, Tackle


That’s it guys, I hope I was able to shed some insight on these Big Guys. Join us next week on Part 2 as we look at the Stupid Ones.