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Positional Perspective: The Norse Lineman

The Norse team is made to hit, and it is the humble Norse lineman who is key to making those hits stick. For 50K, you get typical lineman stats, but only 7 armor and 6 movement...

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Positional Perspective: The Amazon Linewoman

Amazon Tribal Linewoman Review and First Skills

The Amazon’s Tribal Linewoman is a heck of a steal at only 50k for a pretty standard lineman (and perhaps a pretty, standard lineman)...

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Big Guys Part 2 of 4 – The Stupid Ones

Alright picking up right where I left off.   I know I said this article was going to be out last week, but I do my best writing while I’m bored at work and work was a little hectic before the Thanksgiving Holidays, here in the States...

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Big Guys Part 1 of 4 – The Wild Ones

Big Guys: typically dudes with Strength 5 and some negative Special Skill. Are they worth it? This article series will explore the many different facets of the Big Guys in Blood Bowl...

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