Positional Perspective: The Amazon Linewoman

Amazon Tribal Linewoman Review and First Skills

The Amazon’s Tribal Linewoman is a heck of a steal at only 50k for a pretty standard lineman (and perhaps a pretty, standard lineman). The only shortcoming is the lack of any armor better than a seven and the lack of any high strength positional players. Starting with Dodge gives her a huge advantage in two separate parts of the game, moving and hitting. Obviously, she gets a reroll on dodging out of an opponent’s tackle zone. In addition, she turns a block-star into a push and is less likely to go down on a block as a human lineman.

The game plan for the Amazons is that of a positional game. Capitalize of their native Dodge to create bad blocks for your opponents while maximizing any gaps in the defense that they create. The Linewomen are crucial to that game. Their 7 armor means that they can’t take the same hits that an armor 8 or 9 team can, so they want to be dealing the hits, not taking them. Having normal access to the General Skills give the Linewoman a lot of options to help her team play that positional game.

Skilling up players is something that you look forward to whenever you build a new team. The order in which those skill-ups happen will be crucial in what choice you ultimately make. Some skills are great early, but you only need one of them. Other skills value increase only as the league progresses or in tournament play. Sometimes the state of the league will determine what skills you take; by no means should you take this advice as gospel truth. Also, don’t hold me responsible for your play and the dice luck that Nuffle gives you.

No dance line here, but the first skill to look at is Kick. As we go through this series, you may get sick of hearing me recommend Kick, but Kick is such a powerful skill every coach should consider having a single kick piece. Kick increases the odds that you can pin your opponent deep into their half of the pitch, but it also allows you to place the ball where you have a decent chance to grab it! With Dodge native, single tackle zones don’t really concern you. It may be possible to squib a kick into a wide zone, sneak a Linewoman past their wide-outs and snag possession early. Since ball and player positioning is so important to the Amazons, kick gives you some really nice options and is something that you often want early in team development.

A second skill to look at in the general skills is Wrestle. Wrestle gives your girls a real chance to screw with your opponents plans. When blocking or being blocked, if a Both Down result is chosen both your Linewoman and the opponent’s piece are laid down without armor or injury rolls. This is a great skill to deal with a large number of Block and Guard pieces on a lot of teams, as well as ties up a lot of running lanes. Ultimately, you may want as many as 5 or 6 of your linewomen with a skill like Wrestle.

Another skill to consider is Fend. Fend pairs great with the Linewoman’s native Dodge keeping her safe by denying your opponent from following up on a block. This could reduce the amount of dice that your opponent can use in blocks against your Linewoman later in the turn. A well-positioned Fend player can frustrate some of the one-turn score plays utilized by some of the faster teams. The downside of Fend is that you often rely on opponents following up in order to open up lanes for your players to move through.

Finally, I’ll address Block. Most coaches would sell vital organs to have a Block/Dodge player on their team… and they would be right! They are the extremely annoying to get onto the ground and even worse to get casualties through on. What could be better than an entire team of Blodgers!?!? It basically turns your Linewoman into a cheaper Blitzer, but without easy access to Strength skills. While that seems good, you do need other skills… you need balance… you need the other skills on this list! I would look to Block if it were her second skill or if she already got a double skill or Strength Boost.

Looking at skills that you can get from a roll of doubles, there are many outstanding skills. However, I feel that there are two real winners here.

First is Side-Step. Side-step is the ultimate annoyance skill when paired with Dodge. No longer do they get to choose where you get pushed to or what square you go down in. This skill counters so many of your opponent’s skills, it isn’t even funny. Remember, Amazons play a positional game… this allows you to dictate that positional game even when getting Blocked.

The second skill I would recommend is Guard. Guard allows your Amazons to assist in blocks that they normally wouldn’t be able to. Once again, this helps control positioning by denying dice in your opponents blocks and perhaps even adding dice in your own. Guard is one of those skills that separates good teams from great teams. Guard is a strength skill, and your only player with easy access to Strength is Blitzers, you should seriously consider taking guard on a Linewoman who rolls doubles.

Finally, let’s talk about Ability increases for the Amazon Linewoman.

You may be given the choice to increase either her Armor or her Movement. Being a 6 moving team, adding that one square of movement would be a very good thing. Having dodge naturally really makes Amazons good ball carriers, and boosting movement may give you a chance to build a really good ball handler. Either Block or Sure Hands would be a great next skill in that case. I am not going to say never, but I don’t think increasing the Armor on any piece is worth it in the long run. You add a lot of team value on a stat that doesn’t get used that won’t be used every time that she activates or gets hit. Also, don’t overlook a Movement boost for a hitter. Being able to move side to side is really important for a deep safety as well.

I would also take an Agility boost. Similar to what I said about taking a move boost; adding agility would be a great thing to make a ball carrier Linewoman with. Having Dodge already, the rest of the skills she would need to be that really great ball handler are easy for her to get… a few touchdowns and you will have a Star Player Point Generating Machine!

Strength… always take strength. It is that simple.

Hopefully, this gave you some insight to the Tribal Linewoman.

Guest Article by: Dolch

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