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Episode 005 “Willie Nelson Hour”

Ryan and Kenny return from their long absence with an On-the-road show on their way home from Bugman’s Bowl. Lots of good discussion and recap of our games. Enjoy!

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Episode 002 “2nd Verse, Same as the First”

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Episode 002

  • Intro and catch up with the hosts
  • Fort Worth Blood Bowl League Talk
  • The release of Blood ...
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Big Guys Part 2 of 4 – The Stupid Ones

Alright picking up right where I left off.   I know I said this article was going to be out last week, but I do my best writing while I’m bored at work and work was a little hectic before the Thanksgiving Holidays, here in the States...

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Big Guys Part 1 of 4 – The Wild Ones

Big Guys: typically dudes with Strength 5 and some negative Special Skill. Are they worth it? This article series will explore the many different facets of the Big Guys in Blood Bowl...

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